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Extraordinary edition!

Extraordinary edition!
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DownThemAll: News

DownThemAll! July 9, 2006

It has been quite a while since the last update, but finally dTa! is available for download!
This release fixes tons of annoying bugs and also come with some great new features, such as settable temporary directory, a brand new help section and an advanced “prealloc” option that drastically reduces disk fragmentation for your downloads!

The update is strongly encouraged.

  • bugfix #14393, #14579: downloading problems with gzipped files;
  • bugfix #14338: dTa! doesn’t close source tab if it contains frames;
  • bugfix #14473: dTa! doesn’t remember last used target directory in the “Add URL” window;
  • bugfix #14399: right-click menu icons aren’t greyed when no download is selected;
  • bugfix #14437: ‘Renaming conflict!’ prompt is too wide when you have long download URLs;
  • bugfix #14522: current d/l speed indicators are not displayed for files from some servers;
  • bugfix #14541: resume support should not depend on Accept-Ranges;
  • minor bugfix: #14525;
  • ehnancement: added a Beginners Guide to dTa! section;
  • ehnancement #14492: missing insufficient space warning;
  • ehnancement #14538: allow users to configure temporary download location;
  • ehnancement #14428: allow users to prealloc files (less disk fragmentation!);
  • ehnancement: MineField compatibility;
  • 5 new locales added: ar-SA, gl-ES, sq-AL, da-DK, zh-TW;