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Extraordinary edition!

Extraordinary edition!
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DownThemAll: News

DownThemAll! May 9, 2006

dTa! comes with new languages, some bugfixes, a new renaming tag, and a simpler way to select files.


  • feature: added *refer* renaming tag, which adds the capability of renaming files using the referrer page of the download
  • feature: links in “Select links” window can now be checked with a middle mouse click anywhere on the row
  • change: all the Date and Time renaming tags now reports the moment when downloads are inserted into the list
  • locale: German (de-DE) added
  • locale: Korean (ko-KR) added
  • locale: Russian (ru-RU) added
  • locale: Slovak (sk-SK) added
  • locale: Portuguese brazilian (pt-BR) added
  • locale: Greek (el-GR) added
  • bugfix: downloads with a single chunk if paused and resumed get final error
  • bugfix: *curl* renaming tag doesn’t work at all
  • bugfix: renaming problems with attachments on some vBulletin boards
  • bugfix: renaming problems with Yahoo Mail attachments
  • bugfix: preference panel cannot be closed on Macs
  • bugfix: dTaOneClick doesn’t rememember to queue files
  • bugfix: fixed problems with non-latin characters