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Extraordinary edition!

Extraordinary edition!
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DownThemAll: News

Released DownThemAll!! January 4, 2006


  • Merging of large multipart-downloaded files no longer hangs Firefox (bugs #12468, #12659, #12345)
  • Fixed “SyntaxError: missing
  • before statement” when right-click on page (bug #12610)

  • Header sniffing procedure completely rewritten (bug #11630)
  • HTTPS links are now correctly found on web pages (bug #12533)
  • Fixed saving problems of the additional filter (bug #12537)
  • Fixed conflicts in FF “Save with…” dialog with Flashgot installed (bug #12465)
  • Destination dir gets now saved also if user presses the Cancel button under DTA “Select links” window (bug #12400)
  • Fixed unneeded discarding of DTA old preferences with new upgrades (bug #12471)
  • *curl* and *subdirs* tags
  • only if present inside the dir renaming mask
  • now recreate directory structure of files (request #12474)
  • Added Referer-header to HEAD request (bug #11630)
  • Fixed naming problems on vBulletin and similar PHP delivered files (bug #12425)
  • Recursive search of link on framed pages
  • Internal messages dumped on JS Console are now disabled by default (to enable them, (request #12579)
  • If DTA “Download manager” window is already opened, pressing the relative toolbar button provocates focus
  • Solved some timeout problems (bug #12609)
  • Minor improvements in renaming routines (ex. maximum length of file name)
  • Better error management in GZIP decompression
  • Added deflate decompression
  • The last item on the download list can now be seen (bug #12406)
  • Added managing of DTA items in Tools menu (bug #11056)
  • Fixed minor timeout bug
  • Download Info panel has been improved
  • Changed quickkeys (bug #12499)
  • Improved Content-Disposition recognition (bug #12425, #12551)
  • Improved saving preferences routines
  • Fixed problems with links under About window (bug #12578)