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Extraordinary edition!

Extraordinary edition!
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DownThemAll: Latest News

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Released DownThemAll!! December 10, 2005


  • better server error management
  • bug fixed in renaming
  • solved problem in context menu

Released DownThemAll! December 8, 2005

This version fixes installation problems due to “nglayout.debug.disable_xul_cache” preference set to true. It also removes some of the bugs you reported us in the last 3 days:

  • Resolved “window.arguments” error on Dta “Select Links” window;
  • Fixed recognition of links on framed pages;
  • Fixed recognition of links on HTML Transitional pages;

Released DownThemAll! December 5, 2005


  • Better recognition of description tags “alt” and “title”;
  • Solved problems with some pages;

Released DownThemAll 0.9.8! December 4, 2005

Here you are the 1.0 Release Candidate version (aka 0.9.8)! This version fixes some of the problems reported on the last 72 hours on Bugzilla and Addons Mozilla:

  • Resolved installation problems on FF 1.0.7;
  • Restored old shortcuts;
  • Resolved bugs with image downloading;
  • Changed some default preferences;
  • Resolved Content-Length problems with some pages that use Partial-Content method;
  • Fixed *curl* renaming tag;

Features added:

  • Now filesizes are expressed in KB, MB or GB depending on dimension;
  • You can always close the “Dta! Manager” window using ESC.

DownThemAll 1.0RC is coming May 9, 2005

Thanks to all your precious suggestions we’re working to provide a totally revised new release of DownThemAll. Brand new user-friendly interface, huge improvements and lots of new functions are coming to your favourite browser.. Subscribe our RSS news feed and be the first to download the 1.0RC!

Happy Holidays! January 14, 2005

A great hug to all dTa users! We’re reading your mails and keeping track of your suggestions. Sorry if we can’t answer to all messages. Stay tuned, we’ll satisfy your expectations!

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