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Extraordinary edition!

Extraordinary edition!
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DownThemAll: Latest News

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DownThemAll! May 24, 2006

dTa! fixes an annoying bug, which was corrupting filenames when downloading from a script page. Hungarian and Macedonian languages are now available.
Upgrade is strongly suggested.

  • locale: Hungarian (hu-HU) added
  • locale: Macedonian (mk-MK) added
  • bugfix: #14180 (script extension added to content-disposition filenames)

DownThemAll! May 20, 2006

dTa! fixes a little problem in the installation package.

DownThemAll! May 19, 2006

dTa, available for Firefox, Thunderbird and Flock, offers you new languages, sound alerts, and a few bug fixes.

Installation tip: if you are getting a “Warning: unresponsive script” alert during installation, just click on “Continue” to complete the process.

  • feature: Mozilla Thunderbird compatibility
  • feature: BonEcho compatibility
  • feature: sound alerts when downloads are complete/erroneous
  • locale: Bulgarian (bg-BG) added
  • locale: Chinese Simplified (zh-CN) added
  • locale: Hebrew (he-IL) added
  • locale: Slovak (sv-SE) added
  • locale: Welsh (cy-GB) added
  • bugfix: filters’ creation/deletion
  • minor fixes

In these days the dTa team is at 50%, due to an unexpected surgery for Stefano. We’ll have him back home in a few days, in the meanwhile our thoughts and prayers are with him.

Benchmarks available! May 10, 2006

We’re happy to share with you our satisfaction. According to our tests, the latest versions of DownThemAll! are 23% faster than version, even on big files.

Check out the graphs!

DownThemAll! May 9, 2006

dTa! comes with new languages, some bugfixes, a new renaming tag, and a simpler way to select files.


  • feature: added *refer* renaming tag, which adds the capability of renaming files using the referrer page of the download
  • feature: links in “Select links” window can now be checked with a middle mouse click anywhere on the row
  • change: all the Date and Time renaming tags now reports the moment when downloads are inserted into the list
  • locale: German (de-DE) added
  • locale: Korean (ko-KR) added
  • locale: Russian (ru-RU) added
  • locale: Slovak (sk-SK) added
  • locale: Portuguese brazilian (pt-BR) added
  • locale: Greek (el-GR) added
  • bugfix: downloads with a single chunk if paused and resumed get final error
  • bugfix: *curl* renaming tag doesn’t work at all
  • bugfix: renaming problems with attachments on some vBulletin boards
  • bugfix: renaming problems with Yahoo Mail attachments
  • bugfix: preference panel cannot be closed on Macs
  • bugfix: dTaOneClick doesn’t rememember to queue files
  • bugfix: fixed problems with non-latin characters

DownThemAll! May 5, 2006

dTa fixes some little bugs reported on Bugzilla and adds new locales to the XPI. We’ve also added a useful feature in “Get info” window that we hope will save you some precious time. Changelog:

  • feature: Ability to modify settings of multiple downloads at the same time from “Get info” window
  • feature: Spanish (es-ES) locale added
  • feature: French (fr-FR) locale added
  • feature: Dutch (nl-NL) locale added
  • feature: Polish (pl-PL) locale added
  • bugfix: Link in About should open Privacy notice
  • bugfix: Speed on status bar doesn’t refresh
  • bugfix: Delete filters and restore default filters didn’t work
  • bugfix: minVersion in install.rdf should be 1.5
  • bugfix: preferences panel didn’t close on Mac
  • bugfix: *m* renaming tag should start from 1, not 0

Released DownThemAll!! May 3, 2006

DownThemAll! has finally came out with a new, explosive version! Main good news are:

  • Greatly improved downloading performances, expecially on big files;
  • Optimized memory management;
  • Better files’ handling (completely rewritten “Get Info” window);
  • New preferences panel;
  • Simpler renaming system;
  • “Turbo-dTa” renamed in most self-explanatory “dTaOneClick”
  • Flock compatibility;
  • Italian localization;

It’s been a long journey, but we’re about to reach our 1.0 release at last. This is a good taste of what you can imagine in the very next future of DownThemAll. We hope you like it.

Released DownThemAll!! January 18, 2006

What’s new in this version?

  • Great improvements in page scanning and in dTa “Select Links” window
  • GUI restyling
  • Solved problems with “over 100%” downloads and safer use of multipart downloading
  • Improved alerting system
  • New Privacy panel in preferences
  • ‘Add URL’ button added to the dTa Manager
  • Drag&drop URLs on dTa Manager and on dTa buttons in the toolbar.
  • Fixed regression with FTP links
  • Minor fixes and improvements

dTa doesn’t support Firefox 1.07 and previous anymore. We suggest to upgrade to Firefox 1.5. Anyway, we’ll make available again dTa 0.9.4 – the classic one 🙂 – for Firefox 1.0.7 and previous.

Released DownThemAll!! January 4, 2006


  • Merging of large multipart-downloaded files no longer hangs Firefox (bugs #12468, #12659, #12345)
  • Fixed “SyntaxError: missing
  • before statement” when right-click on page (bug #12610)

  • Header sniffing procedure completely rewritten (bug #11630)
  • HTTPS links are now correctly found on web pages (bug #12533)
  • Fixed saving problems of the additional filter (bug #12537)
  • Fixed conflicts in FF “Save with…” dialog with Flashgot installed (bug #12465)
  • Destination dir gets now saved also if user presses the Cancel button under DTA “Select links” window (bug #12400)
  • Fixed unneeded discarding of DTA old preferences with new upgrades (bug #12471)
  • *curl* and *subdirs* tags
  • only if present inside the dir renaming mask
  • now recreate directory structure of files (request #12474)
  • Added Referer-header to HEAD request (bug #11630)
  • Fixed naming problems on vBulletin and similar PHP delivered files (bug #12425)
  • Recursive search of link on framed pages
  • Internal messages dumped on JS Console are now disabled by default (to enable them, (request #12579)
  • If DTA “Download manager” window is already opened, pressing the relative toolbar button provocates focus
  • Solved some timeout problems (bug #12609)
  • Minor improvements in renaming routines (ex. maximum length of file name)
  • Better error management in GZIP decompression
  • Added deflate decompression
  • The last item on the download list can now be seen (bug #12406)
  • Added managing of DTA items in Tools menu (bug #11056)
  • Fixed minor timeout bug
  • Download Info panel has been improved
  • Changed quickkeys (bug #12499)
  • Improved Content-Disposition recognition (bug #12425, #12551)
  • Improved saving preferences routines
  • Fixed problems with links under About window (bug #12578)

Released DownThemAll!! December 12, 2005


  • Fixed crashes caused to nglayout;
  • Fixed sub-directory creation;
  • Fixed non-persistent directory preference;
  • Minor bug fixes;

We remind you to post all the problems you may find with this 1.0 Preview Release at Bugzilla, specifying the url where you encountered the problem, your FF version and any other useful information.

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