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Extraordinary edition!

Extraordinary edition!
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DownThemAll: DownThemAll! 1.0.1

This is an old release. A more recent version was released in the meantime and should be used!

We are proud to release DownThemAll! 1.0.1, the first bugfix release for the 1.0 series.

This version will not add new features, but instead address bugs, issues and regressions in 1.0.

The download link will redirect you to


DownThemAll! 1.0.1 is compatible with

  • Firefox – 3.0pre
  • Thunderbird – 3.0a1
  • Flock
    1.0 – 1.1.*
  • Seamonkey
    2.0a1pre – 2.0a1 (limited support for the development versions, limited functionality)
  • Songbird
    0.4 – 0.6pre (currently in development, limited support)


  • Upgrades from 0.9: Remaining downloads in queue will not be migrated; finish these downloads prior to installing this release.
  • Support for Seamonkey 2.0 is limited; we’re waiting for it to completely move to siterunner/xulrunner.
  • The bleeding edge applications (such as Seamonkey, Minefield, Songbird) are not thoroughly tested by us
  • Upgrades from 0.9: Most preferences will be migrated; but please verify everything was migrated correctly.


This list of changes is not complete. Please refer to our more detailed ChangeLog

  • Major bugfixes
    • HTTP/HTTPS/Proxy Authentication didn’t work under certain circumstances (#523)
    • Changes from Download Info window were not always saved (#567)
    • Reverting to 0.9.x behavior for network.max.connections manipulation to accommodate users reporting slow-downs (See notes; #613)
    • Incorrectly specifying batches may “hang” dTa and with it the application (#617)
    • Name conflicts didn’t remember selection if “for this session only” in conjunction with the “Rename” option was used (#655)
  • Minor Bugfixes/Minor Enhancements
    • Empty Folderlist-Buttons didn’t work (#522)
    • Privacy notice talked about dTa connecting to, which 1.0 doesn’t do at all (#524)
    • Multiple documentation fixes/clarifications (#536, #546,
    • Fast filtering doesn’t take description into account (#557)
    • Using Save Link with DownThemAll! didn’t transport the description rendering *text* empty (#508)
    • Fixed pt-PT locale (#566)
    • Firefox 3 Beta5 doesn’t support the help viewer anymore, add a workaround (#660)
    • flatsubdirs/flatcurl renaming tags (See notes; #518)
    • Work around Menu Editor problems (Context Menu at least). (See notes; #555)
    • New locales: es-AR, ja-JP, tr-TR


  • Mozilla removed the Help Viewer in Firefox 3.0 beta5 and later. Therefore our in-product help is limited or might not work at all.
    We are planning to address this in the 1.1 development circle.
  • Some users rightfully reported that our privacy notice still talks about dTa connecting to and that this behavior can be disabled from the Preferences, while in fact there is no such preference.
    This is merely a documentation error. dTa 1.0 does not connect to anymore.
  • There were multiple reports that the way dTa resets some preferences about connection limitations slows down the whole browsing experience. Furthermore people claimed this didn’t happen with 0.9.x. We therefore reverted back to what 0.9.x did with said preferences.
    That being said we were not able to reproduce this at all. We however hope this fixes the problems some users say they were experiencing.
  • Various users reported that the behavior for the subdirs/curl renaming tags has changed for them.
    This was a change as designed. The reason for it was, that the old behavior wasn’t consistent but would perform in two alternating ways depending on where the tag was placed. This is not only irritating but also plain incompatible with 1.0 code.
    We however failed to update the documentation and we unfortunately forgot to add the alternative tags we had in mind. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.
    Users might use flatsubdirs and flatcurl tags to get the old behavior (this are not included in the Mask helper popup due to locale constraints, still they are functional).
  • As it stands Menu Editor was/is incompatible with dTa. The developer didn’t address this issue yet. We therefore decided to work-around the problems of Menu Editor. The DownThemAll menu entries should be available again from the context menu. The Tools menu entries, however, likely still don’t work.
  • We recently observed that the I ? Miro extension breaks dTa. Paul Swartz fixed this in version 1.3.7, so we advise to upgrade. We’d like to thank Paul for promptly addressing and solving this issue. If you’re a regular amazon shopper and want to support Miro, an open source and therefore free Internet TV player, please consider installing the I ? Miro extension yourself.

Thank you…

…for your ongoing support and bug reports.

Please, as always, file any bugs with our bug tracker.
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Your DownThemAll! developers