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Extraordinary edition!

Extraordinary edition!
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Did you like it?

Did you like it?
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DownThemAll: dTa! 1.0 Fund Raising

Now we really need you.


Dear User, this is a call.

DownThemAll is and will always remain a free and open-source project, but designing and maintaining it requires so many hours per week that, even if it’s a great pleasure to see the massive feedback we receive every day and how much attention and love this project is gaining all over the world, it cannot be just called “an hobby” anymore. Collecting stamps is an hobby; our has proudly became a mission. But missions, unfortunately, do require big amounts of time – and money.

Our goal is to reach an amount of donations which indicates that the value of the project is recognized by our users, but most of all which will give us the economic sustain to go on developing it.
We’ve set this amount to €3,000 as the minimum quantity of donations to collect within a month: if we won’t reach that amount we’ll necessarily have to reconsider and probably to resize the whole project due to lack of funds.

We know how much this extension is worth for you, dTa! User. We need you to monetize that worth. That’s the reason why we’re starting the “dTa! 1.0 Fund Raising” campaign.

You can definitely help us, both by making a donation as well as spreading the voice, ’cause we know that good products obtain great success only by word of mouth.

The reward is obvious, it’s what we all care about: the release of a stable and complete 1.0 version!