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Extraordinary edition!

Extraordinary edition!
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DownThemAll: News

DownThemAll! October 6, 2006

A lot of bug fixes and a pair of good improvements are available in this version.

We’re finally offering a batch download function: just click on Add URL in the dTa! Manager and write something like[01-09 step:2].jpg. dTa will download all the files from filename01.jpg to filename09.jpg, increasing the final number by two per step!

Oh, we haven’t mentioned that dTa is now fully compatible with Firefox 2.0 😉


  • Batch download;
  • “Remove completed tasks” option in context menu

Bug fixes:

  • #15315: Resume function restarts task if multipart is disabled;
  • #15285: UnknownContentType changed in FX2.0 so that dTa opens are hidden;
  • #15216: Optimized regular expressions;
  • #15272: “Resume” & “Pause” buttons inactive yet functional;
  • #15223, #15076, #15141, #15200, #14889: Various directory creation issues;
  • #15051: Wrong naming with underscores in file extension;
  • #15105: Wrong naming when downloading PDFs from Google;
  • #15295: Make “Close Source Tab” consistent to FX2.0 and really close for 1.5;